Tapas Magazine Launches Restaurant Guide

Tapas Magazine Restaurant Guide

Tapas Magazine Restaurant Guide

A couple of days ago I visited an event arranged by the extraordinary Tapas magazine. The event took place in the gorgeous Mazda Space in the Born. It's quite a surprising space with a beautiful gallery downstairs. Interesting events take place here, anything from Sonar related events to Ted talks. It was the perfect back drop for the Tapas even too. I'm a big fan of the monthly magazine; it's about anything food related, but without being too stuffy or pretentious or mundane. It a sister magazine to Forbes, Esquire and such, so you're guaranteed good quality all the way from stories to paper quality. The magazine is also translated to English, and you can find it around the world in cool places like Strand Bookstore in New York. 

Now Tapas has launched a restaurant guide for the season 16/17, and it's pretty amazing. Almost 300 pages of restaurants in Spain, and we're not talking about any kind of restaurants here. They've been handpicked by locals, and they're restaurants where you actually get really good food. It might be a restaurant with a Michelin star, but it might also be a bar on an obscure side street in a dodgy neighbourhood, but where they serve the best bocadillo de calamares that you've tasted in your life. The guide is both in Spanish and in English, and covers all of the country. I've been longing for something like this, and I'm thrilled that Tapas is the team behind it.

At the event we had an opportunity to chat with Editor-In-Chief Andres Rodriguez. A genius, I might add. He wants Tapas to be accessible and down-to-earth. It's not a gastronomic high-flying magazine, and it's not a collection of recipes either. Have you noticed by the way that there has never been a chef on the cover (oh, the Tapas covers are so cool!)? Moby and Jack Nicholson have. This is because the magazine is different and weaves gastronomy into popular culture in such a delicate way that you just want to absorb it all. 

In a nutshell: go and get the Tapas Gastronomic Guide! You can find it in book shops and I'm certain FNAC has it too. And you can order it directly from Spain Media too. If you're not familiar with Tapas the magazine you can find in any magazine shop. Enjoy!