Ugot Bruncherie - Flamingo Wallpaper and Dreamy Cakes


If you look for a place in Barcelona where you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the city this is it. As soon as you get through the doors a peace fills you from within. The decoration is vintage, with beautiful details here and there (check out the flamingo wallpaper!), and jazz music playing in the background.

Ugot does great cakes, good brunches and afternoon tea, too. I’d recommend everything. The service is great too. 

Flamingo wallpaper at Ugot Bruncherie, Barcelona

Flamingo wallpaper at Ugot Bruncherie, Barcelona


Atmosphere: Simply put: wonderful.

Recommended: So difficult to pick out anything specific. The cakes are amazing.

Specifics: They are one of the very, very few places in the city that serves Shakshuka.

Price: €

Reservations: If you’re going on a weekend then give them a call beforehand to check, just in case. 

Address: VIladomat 138