Usagui Te Japonés & Café - an Authentic Japanese Experience

Usagui Barcelona

Usagui Barcelona

This little gem of a café is hidden on a small pedestrian street, and I actually walked past it a few times before I noticed it. If you have been to Japan you’ll see that this Japanese café is the real deal. The staff is Japanese, and the menu is very different from anything you've seen in Barcelona, with names and ingredients that sound intriguing. The cakes look incredibly appealing and they taste equally heavenly. I also love their drinks, especially anything involving matcha..!


Atmosphere: A very café-like atmosphere, a good place to sit and chit-chat with a friend.

Recommended: The pastries are very different from anything you can find in the city. 

Specifics: They have a a good lunch deal too, check it out!


Reservations: N/A

Carrer de les Santjoanistes 28