Amovino - Wine Lovers Welcome

Amovino has a unique concept: their focus is purely on Catalan wines. It is a multi-purpose space: in the back there is a beautiful room dedicated to wine tastings, there is a separate space for wines you can buy home with you, and then of course there is the bar where you can eat and drink tasty wines. 

Amovino Barcelona

The menu is interesting and more than just nibbles to entertain you when you drink your wine: you can have both lunch and dinner or do a full-blown wine pairing tasting menu. Their kitchen is open all day which is a huge bonus too. If you prefer you can sit on their terrace that is beautifully surrounded by grapevines..! 

I have visited Amovino a few times, and my latest visit was to participate in a wine tasting. The guests that particular evening was Alta Alella, a winery I had made the acquaintance with a few weeks earlier (read more about the visit here). The enologist himself was present to do the wine tasting with us, and it was tremendously interesting: the best way to get to ask lots and lots of questions you might have on your mind. And you do not have to go hungry during these tastings either: there was a tasty charcuterie and cheese board to accompany us with the drinks. 

Amovino Barcelona

I really recommend to check out Amovino, it is perfect for an after work glass of wine, to join a wine tasting or a wine-bar style dinner with a nice wine pairing. It is the perfect place to learn more about wines, and the owners are more than happy to guide you!

Address: C/ Aribau 30.