Alta Alella Winery and Wine Touring with Devour

I do not have a car, so unfortunately I don’t venture out much outside of Barcelona. So when I had the opportunity to join Devour on a wine tour outside the city I was thrilled! What better way to spend the day than in the wine country? 

We started off the tour at Plaça Catalunya where our guide Jaime was waiting for us. He is a sommelier, so what better person to tell us all about wines? He is a tremendously smart guy on top of it, so he told us plenty of interesting stories throughout the day. After an introduction and a chat we hopped into our minibus and we drove to Alella, a beautiful coastal town just half an hour from Barcelona. There you can find the smallest D.O. (Denominacion de Origen or Wine Appellation) in Spain. In Alella you can find a big natural park, and nestled inside that park is Alta Alella, a beautiful biodynamic, organic winery. 

Alta Alella Barcelona

Alta Alella has gorgeous views over the hills and the Mediterranean sea, and I am not surprised that excellent wines and cavas are produced right here. Since the winery is located inside a natural park it makes sense to produce wines that are as natural as possible, and the birds, butterflies and bees from the park help with the pollination and protect against plagues. 

Alta Alella

We get a tour around the vineyard and the cellars where the fermentation, aging and bottling takes place. Our tour finalises with a tasting in a beautiful tasting room with views over the vineyard. We try reds, whites and cavas, and they are all very tasty, but my favourites are without a doubt the Tallarol which is a fascinating mineral-rich wine aged in amphoras, and the cava Opus Evolutium in the photo below, amazing!

Alta Alella cava

From the winery we continue our tour to a true gem: an authentic traditional bodega where we have a tasty vermouth and try our luck at drinking from a “porron”. Our guide Jaime knew the technique! 

Alella bodega

The bodega also sells a large variety of wines and cavas, and they even sell wines directly from the barrels: just bring your own bottle and fill it up! In the village there is also a market nearby where we get a feel for the weekday hustle and bustle and all the tasty produce that is on offer. 

Our next stop is lunch at a gorgeous restaurant, a bit hidden away and beautifully located amidst plenty of greenery. The restaurant also has a gorgeous lush garden, and is famous for its calçot production. 

The trip was absolutely wonderful, such a lovely way to get out of the city and explore something new! Find all the details for the wine tour here, and the webpage for Alta Alella winery here