El Flako - A Cereal Café with Love

I am sure you have heard about cereal cafes before. A place for the lovers of breakfast cereals, with lots of different brands to choose from, plenty of colour and fun? El Flako in Barcelona however has taken the concept to a whole new level, and puts plenty of love and hard work into making it a genuine experience. 

El Flako began as a project a year and a half ago, when a few true breakfast and cereal lovers (and friends) Laia, Niko and Michiel put their heads together to share their passion and create a great space for it. They visited the likes of Cereal Killers in London but weren't particularly impressed with what they saw: a place that lacked soul and authenticity. They went back to Barcelona and worked their butts off to create what is now El Flako: a fun, tasty experience of flavours!

El Flako, Barcelona

El Flako, Barcelona

I am very impressed with what the team has created. They want both to show off all the fun cereal packages, but also create a separate beautiful, calm space where you don't feel overwhelmed with all the colours. What I particularly like is all the effort they have put into the menu. It changes very often and it is VERY elaborated. Don't think that this is a place where they pour in the cereals and the milk of your choice and that's it. In El Flako the cereal bowls are elaborated and the mixes are well thought through, to create a tasty experience with different textures and flavours.

I chose a tasty bowl with Rice Crispies, strawberries, white chocolate nibs, matcha and almond milk. It was absolutely delicious: not too sweet, a bit of crunch from the Rice Crispies, a chewy texture from the chocolate, a bit of sweet acid from the strawberries and some punch from the matcha. Perfection.

I loved the experience: the place is small and cool, it invites to linger. The choices on the menu are fun and interesting (there's even cayenne in one of the bowls!), the team is really nice and my bowl was absolutely delicious. And this is not just a breakfast place: cereals taste equally good (if not even better) at 3PM in the afternoon..!

El Flako Barcelona

El Flako Barcelona


Atmosphere: El Flako is on a quiet side street which is great, and the seating area is intended to let you chill and enjoy your breakfast bowl so you don't get overwhelmed with all the cereal boxes, they are located behind the counter. The place gives the nod to the 70s in different details: the name on the door uses the typography of Morrison Hotel from The Doors Album, the pretty bowls have a 70s touch and the artwork on the walls are inspired from that era too. Very cool!

Recommended: You have SO many different cereals and toppings to choose from, but I really urge you to choose one of the many alternatives on the menu because they are really elaborated, or ask Laia the cereal genius, she will guide you to create the perfect mix.

Specifics: They have plenty of different local and American cereal brands, and not all of them are on display, so make sure to check for your favourite. There are healthy options too, if you aren't into cereals all that much, for example an açai bowl that looks fantastic. 


Reservations: N/A

Address: Carrer del General Álvarez de Castro 5 and Canvis Nous 8