Caj Chai Teahouse - Heaven for Tea Lovers


On a quiet plaza in the Gothic Quarter you can find Caj Chai Teahouse, paradise for anyone who loves teas (like myself). These guys specialise in teas from all over the world, and when you enter through their doors you will be presented with a menu that holds all the many, MANY different choices of teas. 

You will find exotic green teas from different parts of Asia, luxurious hand-picked organic teas with fascinating flavours, pu-erh teas, aged teas, Himalayan teas, herbal teas and wonderful chai teas. The staff is very knowledgeable about the teas, and will help you find your favourite among the many options. 

Caj Chai Teahouse Barcelona

Caj Chai Teahouse Barcelona

Caj Chai also arranges interesting workshops and tea ceremonies, make sure you check their webpage for dates. They update it frequently also with new tea arrivals and other news, you can also buy their teas online. 

When you visit Caj Chai make sure you check out the beautiful ceramics on sale there, they have gorgeous pieces to enjoy your teas at home.

Address: Sant Domenec del Call 12