Euskal Etxea - Pintxos for the Win!

Even though pintxos aren’t a typical Catalan type of food, it definitely should be on your list if you visit Barcelona. And for those of us living here who get cravings for them now and then it’s good to know where to find them. In Poble Sec there is even a street that has quite a few bars dedicated to pintxos. If you’re in Born however then an excellent place to go is Euskal Etxea, who specializes in Basque food.

Pintxos are a kind of tapa that consists of a small piece of bread and topped with anything you can imagine. Take your plate and fill it with pintxos, save the wooden sticks in each one and once you’re done and you go and pay they count your sticks so you’ll know how much you’ll pay.

Pintxos at Euskal Etxea Barcelona

Pintxos at Euskal Etxea Barcelona


Atmosphere: A great place to go with friends for a drink and some pinchos.

Recommended: Don’t fill up your plate on the first round at the bar. There will be hot pintxos too going around, so save room for them!

Specifics: In the back there is a restaurant too, if you prefer to sit down and have a proper Basque lunch or dinner.


Reservations: You can book a table in the restaurant, but not in the pintxos bar. 

Address: Euskal Etxea, Placeta de Montcada 1, Born, Barcelona