La Rovira - Craft Beer in Gracia

Bravas at La Rovira Barcelona

Bravas at La Rovira Barcelona

I lived so close by La Rovira for many years, but it didn't occur to me to stop by this gem. I regret that now, I've really missed out! For anyone who loves beer this is a perfect place, they've got a good selection of craft beers. But if you're not into beer that's ok. There are good wines, and food too. 

It's a very old-school kind of place, but that what makes it so charming. The staff is really friendly, which adds to the appeal. 

Cheese board at La Rovira, Barcelona

Cheese board at La Rovira, Barcelona


Atmosphere: Very, very casual.

Recommended: If you're into craft beer you won't be disappointed. Lots of taps to choose from, and a long list bottles. 

Specifics: If you are hungry they've got you covered. I love the bravas and the cheese board. 


Reservations: N/A

Carrer de Rabaissa 23