Pez Vela - Sea Views and Tasty Paella

Pez Vela paella Barcelona

Pez Vela has the ideal location just by the beach, and its terrace towards the sand and the sea is difficult to top. The food is really good too, despite its somewhat touristy location. Come here for a long lunch or some drinks and tapas, it's difficult if not impossible not to stay for hours. 

Pez Vela.jpg


Atmosphere: A smart casual kind of place (at least when it comes to the locals), but without being stuffy at all. 

Recommended: The rices (paellas and similar) are a must, they are SO good. 

Specifics: Make sure you book at table on the terrace, the views are lovely!

Price: €€

Reservations: Necessary.

Passeig del Mare Nostrum 19