Rasoterra - Beautiful Vegetarian Slow Food

Rasoterra is a great place for vegetarians, where even meat lovers forget that there is no bacon included in any of the dishes. Or considering that we’re in Barcelona: jamón.

The space oozes with a very relaxed atmosphere. I’ve seen comments saying that the service is slow, but I don’t agree: it’s just perfect. You don’t feel like you have to hurry through the courses and leave as soon as possible. If you’re sitting with your friends and sharing a bottle or two of organic wine and doing your sobremesa, the staff is sensitive enough to not bother you and let you take your time.

The menu is fresh and interesting with a focus on local, seasonal ingredients. This vegetarian food is certainly not boring, and does not consist of only salads. The quality is excellent and the price is too.  

Rasoterra Barcelona



Atmosphere: Relaxed without being too hippy. It has that right amount of trendy without being posh at all.

Recommended: Seasonal dishes, cheese boards, the amazing desserts. They also have a great organic wine selection.

Specifics: The focus is on local (and organic) produce, which is very much appreciated.


Reservations: Recommended.

Address: Carrer del Palau 5