Sopa - Vegetarian and Vegan Comfort Food

I had never heard about Sopa, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant before my office moved to Poble Nou, and I heard rumours that this place was supposed to be great. And it most certainly is!

It looks a bit like a school lunch room at first sight, you queue for your food and sit down at simple tables and chairs. But who cares? The food is great! The menu changes every day, and for very little money you get a starter and a main course and you won’t leave hungry. There is dessert too should you be interested, great looking cakes and healthy smoothies and juices. You can choose to have your food to go too.

Sopa Barcelona

Sopa Barcelona


Atmosphere: A bit like a canteen, but who cares when the food is good and healthy and you can’t sit and lounge around all day.

Recommended: The menu changes daily, but I like their stews. They are very good at making vegetarian and vegan comfort food.

Specifics: They put a lot of effort in making the food healthy and there is a lot of macrobiotic influence in the dishes.


Reservations: N/A