Takashi Ochiai - Japanese Pastries

Takashi Ochiai is somewhat off the grid, unless you live close by. Therefore it took me such a long time before I actually paid this place a visit, but it was very much worth it. Many of the pastries here are Japanese style, and oh my goodness are they tasty. The mochis are SO good. You can also have a big matcha latte in the café if you like. The pastries can either be enjoyed in the café or you can bring them with you to the office or the comfort of your own home.

Matcha Latte at Takashi Ochiai, Barcelona

Matcha Latte at Takashi Ochiai, Barcelona


Atmosphere:  I would lie if I’d say it’s cosy, but the pastries make up for the atmosphere.

Recommended: The mochis are amazing!

Specifics: As the name suggests, the pastries are mostly of Japanese influence.

Price: €

Reservations: N/A