Tapas 24 - All the Classics

I had heard many great things about this tapas restaurant, and when I finally got around to visit I wasn’t disappointed. The menu consists of dishes to share, there is plenty to choose from and if you’re looking for authentic food then this is definitely it. The place is small but they also have a terrace outside.

It’s not the cheapest tapas place in the city, but it’s worth it! Their truffle “bikini” (cheese and ham sandwich) is one of their signature dishes, so do check that one out. 

Morels with foie gras at Tapas 24, Barcelona

Morels with foie gras at Tapas 24, Barcelona


Atmosphere: It’s small, busy and casual.

Recommended: If it’s morel season then the morels in a foie gras sauce is a must.

Specifics: The chef Carles Abellan is very famous in Spain, and used to work with Ferran Adrià.

Price: €€

Reservations: Recommended.