A list of 30+ Places for Matcha Lattes in Barcelona


When I post a photo of a matcha latte on my Instagram I always get questions on where to get them in Barcelona. So I decided to put together a guide of a few of my favourite places:

Matcha Latte Bohl Barcelona

Bohl - Such a pretty place, and you can get your matcha latte with lots of different types of milk. Read my review here.

Pink Soda - A cute cafe with the yummiest yuzu soda and delectable cakes, plus matcha latte of course.

Hidden Café - The queen of matcha. These guys go to Japan and buy their matcha directly from the producers. Amazing stuff. Make sure you also try their Hojicha latte, a Japanese green tea that's absolutely amazing.

Matcha Latte at Hidden Cafe Barcelona

Matcha Latte at Hidden Cafe Barcelona

Súper - Next to Sopa in Poble Nou (and now in Eixample too!) you can find this little takeaway, and I love to go there for matcha lattes to go. 

Syra Coffee - Here you get good coffee to go, tasty cakes and donuts, plus excellent matcha latte. Read more about Syra here.

Caravelle - Good, big matcha lattes with oat milk (they do them with regular milk too), and lots of other drinks for those who prefer a craft beer (they make their own next door) or a craft soda for example. Their food is delicious in case you are feeling hungry. Read all about Caravelle here.

Caravelle matcha latte Barcelona

Departure Coffee Co - Such a wonderful café with so much atmosphere, on a little side street in the Raval. They have cakes and cookies from my favourite The Cakeman BakeryRead all about my Raval favourite here.

Green & Berry - Good matcha lattes, healthy food and great smoothies and cold-pressed juices here. Read more about Green & Berry here.

Matcha Latte Green and Berry Barcelona

Federal Café - I like breakfasts here, their chia pudding is huge and matcha lattes are tasty. Their golden latte is quite spicy.

Hammock Juice Station - Another lovely place for breakfast, a snack or a good matcha latte. Their porridge is great too. Read about Hammock Juice Station here.

Lulu Barcelona

Lulu Barcelona

Lulu - A tiny little place with huge avocado toasts and tasty matcha lattes, among many other things. Read all about Lulu here.  

Roast Club Café - Also a tiny café with a wonderful atmosphere, coffee, breakfasts and, obviously, matcha lattes. Read more about it here.

Cosmo La Central - A hidden café inside a bookstore also makes good, BIG matcha lattes and good breakfasts. Check out their terrace when the weather permits. Read more about Cosmo here.

Takashi Ochiai - At this Japanese bakery you obviously get matcha latte also. Make sure you try the croissants and the mochis!

Itacate Barcelona

Itacate Barcelona

Itacate - Sant Antoni is lucky to have this cute café with both healthy and indulgent options, plus matcha latte. Their açai bowl is great, and try their chai lattes! Read all about my favorite hangout here.

Eat My Trip - This pretty little café have such beautiful matcha lattes..! Check also out their other colourful wellness lattes. And you have to try their food, they do very cool things here! Read more about EatMyTrip here.

Espai Joliu - Berlin-inspired space where you can buy plants, cool magazines, art, artisan jewellery and crafts, plus get good coffee and matcha latte. Plus they have great cakes and cookies, many of them vegan. Read more about Espai Joliu here.

Somewhere Café - Get both your cake fix and your matcha latte craving taken care of here. Read more here.

Fab Café - Inside this coworking space you can also find a café that also serves matcha lattes. 

Flax & Kale a Porter - Head into the huge H&M flagship store and find this beautiful space where healthy food is king. They have both specialty coffee and matcha lattes here.

Orion Café - Gorgeous, airy café with great cakes and matcha lattes on the menu. And they have matcha frappés in summer!

Frenesi Café - This wonderful café is one of my favorites and of course they have matcha latte too, that they serve with oat milk (beautiful presentation!), and you can have it iced if it tickles your fancy! Read about this favorite of mine here. 

Caj Chai Teahouse - Here tea is taken very seriously, and you can participate in tea-related work shops. Read my post on this tea paradise here.

Usagui - This Japanese café is very authentic in every way you can imagine, and they serve fun coffee and tea drinks too, including matcha latte. Read my review on Usagui here.

Tetere - A tearoom that is absolutely gorgeous, and where you can participate in tea ceremonies and learn about teas, including how to make matcha latte. And obviously drink it too..!

Lukumas - One of the best donuts in the city, and matcha latte to go with it! Read more about Lukumas here.

Little Fern Café - An adorable café in Poble Nou that has wellness lattes and matcha, too. Read my post on Little Fern Cafe here.

Spice Café - Their carrot cake is EPIC (some say it’s the best in Barcelona), plus they have matcha. 

Citizen Cafe - Matcha in a bohemian atmosphere (used to be Petit Pot). They have breakfasts and brunches also.  

Bristol Café - This place is supposed to have matcha latte too. I've seen a photo of a matcha cheesecake and it looks fabulous! 

Nomm - They have both matcha latte and matcha beer here! Fascinating! 

Preparing matcha at home with Matcha & Co

Preparing matcha at home with Matcha & Co

Also, in case you would like to make one at home, make sure you check out Matcha & Co, a local matcha distributor who sells wonderful organic matcha.

Did I forget anything? Let me know! PS: All of the places mentioned have the option of serving their matcha latte with veggie milk.