Bambarol - Tapas in a Young Atmosphere


Bambarol was a huge surprise to me. I had seen pictures of the food beforehand and it looked great, but when I arrived at the restaurant I I saw the whole picture.

The menu consists of tapas, but all with a little bit of a twist. There is plenty to choose from and it’s not easy! The staff is young and very dedicated, it makes you feel welcome and cared for.

Patatas Bravas at Bambarol, Barcelona

Patatas Bravas at Bambarol, Barcelona


Atmosphere: The decoration is pretty standard, but the dedication of the staff makes the atmosphere welcoming.

Recommended: Their ensaladilla rusa is famous, the cheesecake made with Idiazabal cheese is pretty amazing too.

Specifics: The restaurant is owned by a couple of young guys, and you can see that the team working there is tight.


Reservations: Better to book in advance. 

Address: C/ Santaló 21