Origo Bakery - Making a Difference


I never get tired of stories about talented people who make a drastic change in their career and start doing something they are passionate about. Recently I had the pleasure to hear another similar story, and this time it was François from recently opened Origo Bakery who shared his.

François had a very successful career at Google, working there for 10 years, including 4 years in San Francisco. His apartment was just next to one of the most famous bakeries in the US, Tartine, famous four their organic goodnesses. François was inspired.

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François quit his job and wanted to learn more. He asked to work for free at a prestigious bakery in Paris and gained useful skills. When moving to Barcelona he found a perfect location to set up his own bakery, and let me tell you: it’s not any old bakery. 

François wants to make sure that what he does has a positive impact on sustainability and the environment. Therefore he ONLY uses ancient grains and organic ingredients anything he bakes. He works closely with a farmer close to Gerona who has dedicated his work to preserving ancient local grains and sustainable, organic farming. Even the salt he uses is organic, from the Ebro delta. 

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If you are not familiar with the term ancient grains they are different types of grains that are largely unchanged over the last several hundred years. They are more nutritious than refined grain products, and in Origo you can be sure that no pesticides or fertilisers have been used in their flours. It has also been observed that many people who are sensitive to gluten can eat certain kinds of ancient grains, however Origo is not a gluten-free bakery. 

Origo Barcelona

When you enter through the shop doors you can see through large glass windows the breads being baked in the room next door. All the breads are being made by hand (!), and all of them are sourdough loaves. The team perfects the recipes to make them just right. 

Origo Barcelona

I have visited the shop a couple of times (it opened very recently) and so far I have tried the sourdough rye bread and a loaf made with an ancient local type of grain variety called Montcada. I loved both of them, and the Montcada is honestly one of the best breads I have had in a LONG time. The crust is perfect, not too thick, the inside is wonderfully fluffy but still juicy, and the taste is perfection. And remember that these breads do not spoil in a day: you can eat them for up to a week (but good luck trying to keep them that long, I ate mine in a day..!). 

Origo Barcelona

Origo is the only bakery fully dedicated to ancient grains in Barcelona, and in addition to making a difference for our planet they also make a big difference on our dinner tables..! Go and visit them and have a chat and buy yourself a loaf or two, you will not be disappointed.

Address: Origo Bakery, Carrer de Milà i Fontanals 9, Gracia, Barcelona.