Specialty Coffee in Barcelona - 45 Places to Get Your Caffeine Fix! - UPDATED


Barcelona has A LOT of options for specialty coffee lovers! Here is a list of places that will take care of that caffeine craving of yours.

Coffee at Bar Limon Barcelona

Nomad - These guys roast their own coffee and distribute them to quite a few places in Barcelona and surroundings. Their roastery is located in Poble Nou, and they have three locations in the city center: Passatge Sert 12 (La Ribera), Pujades 95 (Poble Nou) and Joaquin Costa 26 (El Raval).

Oma Bistro Barcelona

Oma Bistro Barcelona

Oma Bistró - One of the best brunch places in Barcelona without a doubt, and they’ve really taken their specialty coffee serious with a sparkling new coffee machine and tasty beans from El Magnifico. Read more on lovely Oma Bistró here. Consell de Cent 227 (Eixample).

Cafeteria Industrial - New, very cool place in Poble Nou really worth visiting. They roast their own coffee close by, and prepare it with a lot of love on C/ Pallars 154 (Poble Nou).

La Cava Cakery Barcelona

La Cava Cakery - This new little cupcake shop takes things to a whole new level with cava tastings, matcha and chai lattes and very good specialty coffee. Dreamy, don’t you think? Psg Sant Joan 111 (Eixample).

Fargo Cafe - Close to Sagrada Familia you can find this cute coffee shop focused on specialty coffee. C/ Marina 288 (Eixample).

Austral Coffee Bar - New cafe in Eixample serving Right Side and Hidden Coffee espresso. C/ Viladomat 140 (Eixample).

Ruma’s Coffee - Specialty coffee and handmade chocolate! Sounds great, right? Ronda Universitat 10 (Eixample).

Little Fern Café - New Zealand vibes and Nomad Coffee in a wonderful hangout in Poble Nou. Full post here. Carrer de Pere IV 168 (Poble Nou).

Little Fern Cafe Barcelona

Little Fern Cafe Barcelona

Satan’s Coffee - It’s so cool it hurts, and coffee lovers from near and far come here to devour their coffee and their interesting food. Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call 11 (Gotico).

Eroica Caffe - Meeting point for cyclists, and excellent coffee to boot. Consell de Cent 350 (Eixample).

Three Marks Coffee, Barcelona

Three Marks Coffee, Barcelona

Three Marks Coffee - Another cool newcomer in the city, very Instagrammable space and also roasted coffee for you to take home if that’s your thing. C/ Ausiàs Marc 151. (Fort Pienc)

Frenesi Café - This cute little café puts a lot of effort in keeping their customers happy, and they really nail it. And of course they have specialty coffee on their menu from Esperanza Café who roasts organic coffee. Read more here. Comte d'Urgell 115 (Eixample). 

Black Remedy - The baristas here know their stuff, and good food, juices and pastries can be had too. Ciutat 5 (Gótico).

Sabio Infante, Barcelona

Sabio Infante, Barcelona

Sabio Infante - This fairly recently opened cafe/bar has a great menu and excellent specialty coffee, all in a very cute environment. Torrent de l’Olla 39 (Gracia).

Rex Cafe - Lovely place with wifi serving specialty coffee and good-looking food (check out their toasts!). Oliana 24 (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi).

Manso’s Café - This café gets very busy with thirsty customers. It’s also one of the very, very few places in Barcelona where you can get a Swedish style cinnamon bun. C/ Manso 1 (Sant Antoni).

Syra Coffee - Many adore this little café in Gracia, including me. There are donuts from Lukumas, very good matcha lattes and their chai is made with an exclusive blend from Melbourne, Australia. Mare de Deu dels Desamparats 8 (Gracia).

Lukumas - In addition to amazing donuts they also serve specialty coffee from Hidden Cafe. Find them in the Raval on Valldonzella 36 and in Gracia on Torrent de l’Olla 169.

La Tapicería - Specialty Coffee and vermouth at this cute place in El Clot. C/ Bisccaia 340 (Sant Marti).

Departure Coffee, Barcelona

Departure Coffee, Barcelona

Departure Coffee - Another favourite café of mine. Great coffee, a beautiful space and an art gallery. Hidden away on a wonderful side street in the Raval. Verge 1 (Raval). 

Slow Mov - A true institution for coffee, local sourcing and the slow movement. They roast their own coffee, and make sure you check out the goods they have on sale while you’re enjoying your brew. Luis Antúnez 18 (Gracia).

Onna Coffee - Located in Gracia, in addition to good coffee (they roast it themselves) you can also get a light lunch or tasty snacks. Santa Teresa 1 (Gracia). 

SKYE Coffee Co - An extremely Instagram - friendly coffee truck inside an industrial space serves very good coffee. Pamplona 88 (Poble Nou).

Cafes El Magnifico - They have a long history of good coffee in Barcelona, so if you are a true coffee fan make sure you visit them. Argenteria 64 (Born).

Morrow Coffee, Barcelona

Morrow Coffee, Barcelona

Morrow Coffee - A fairly new, beautiful café with so much natural light to brighten your day and make your photos great :). They have their own roastery in the back. I tried their cherry coffee and LOVED it. Gran Via 403 (Eixample).

La Masala Café - Wonderful little place with vegetarian goodies and specialty coffee made with love with a La Marzocco. Carrer d’en Mònec 6 (La Ribera).

Bermont Coffee - This guy knows SO MUCH about coffee and has a loyal clientele. The café is located in Gracia, they have recently moved to Torrent de l’Olla 137 (Gracia).

Hidden Cafe, Barcelona

Hidden Cafe, Barcelona

Hidden Café - I love how much care is put into the coffee and their matcha sourcing at Hidden Café. C/ Constança/Déu I Mata (Les Corts).

La Cherry - You can catch them at events only, follow them on @lacherry.coffee on Instagram. 

Caravelle - A hip classic in the Raval, where good specialty coffee is served (along with so much other good stuff). Pintor Fortuny 31 (Raval).

La Esquina - This is actually a restaurant, but their coffee is top notch, as is the food. Bergara 2 (Eixample).

Espai Joliu, Barcelona

Espai Joliu, Barcelona

Espai Joliu - Another favourite of mine, a wonderful place to work, excellent matcha latte and toasts, vegan donuts on Fridays and of course specialty coffee. Badajoz 95 (Poble Nou).

Somewhere Cafè - Many a coffee lover comes here to get their caffeine kick and to make use of their wifi. Check out their cakes, they’re pretty impressive. C/ Aragó 310 and Carrer d’Aribau 101 (Eixample).

Dalston Coffee - A tiny hole-in-the-wall in the Raval that's become very popular. Be careful because it’s VERY close to Chök and their killer donuts. Ramelleres 16 (Raval).

El Colectivo - This place in the Raval has its very loyal clientele of coffee lovers. Pintor Fortuny 22 (Raval).

Cosmo La Central, Barcelona

Cosmo La Central, Barcelona

Cafe Orion / Cometa / Cosmo - They have several locations, I adore the one located in a book shop (Cosmo La Central) Gran Via 511/Mallorca 237/Enric Granados 3/ (Eixample), Parlament 20 (Sant Antoni).

Super - A healthy deli in Poble Nou serves excellent coffee, and good matcha lattes if that is your thing. Roc Boronat 102 (Poble Nou) and C/ Bruc 8 (Eixample).

The Milk & The Coffee - They are not stationary but I want to include them: they are a "pedal power coffee corner". Keep an eye out on them on Instagram where you can see where they will be next. 

Eat My Trip Barcelona

Eat My Trip Barcelona

Eat My Trip - A wonderful café with beautiful cakes, gorgeous smoothie bowls and coffee from SlowMov. Consell de Cent 378 (Eixample). 

On Y Va - Coffee and cycling (!) goes hand in hand in this cute place on Ciutat de Balaguer 45 (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi). 

Hammock Juice Station - Healthy comfort food and specialty coffee, in a sitting hammock if you feel like it! Mallorca 308 (Eixample).

Enkel - Great fun food, craft beer and good coffee is on offer in this cute place in the Gotico, a bit hidden away which adds to its charm. Baixada de Sant Miguel 6 (Gotico).

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