Guide to the Best Paella Restaurants in Barcelona

I often get the question from visitors of where to find a good paella in Barcelona. It is not easy to find a really good one, especially considering how many restaurants offer them on their menu. I have created this post to help you find the best ones and what mistakes to avoid, and a list of the best paella restaurants in Barcelona in my humble opinion!

The best paella in Barcelona

How to find the best paellas in Barcelona

Finding a good paella is not easy. For anyone who is new to Barcelona, here are some rules.

  • It's difficult, if not impossible, to get a good paella anywhere close to the Ramblas or Sagrada Familia, unless you have a local source who's named a specific place.

  • Don't ever go to any place where they have a photo of a paella on a menu outside.

  • Don't ever go to a place where there's a guy outside telling you that they have paella.

  • Paella is preferably eaten for lunch, not dinner.

  • Top tip: make sure you book in advance, it can be difficult to score a table without a reservation. 

Also important to remember: paella is just one of the many rice dishes that are worth trying. And you can find both vegetarian and vegan rice dishes. And if you don’t like seafood don’t worry, at a good restaurant that specialises in rice dishes they will have options with meat instead of fish or shellfish.

Best paella Arroz Hofmann Barcelona

List of the Best Paellas in Barcelona

This list is obviously completely subjective, everyone have their favourite places for paella and rice dishes. But here are my favourites:

Arosseria Xativa, Barcelona

Arosseria Xativa, Barcelona

Arosseria Xátiva - Slightly off the beaten path, this restaurant (it has two locations, one in Gracia and one in Sants) focuses specifically on rices and paella. There are so many different ones to choose from, so you can be sure there's something to your liking. They've marked the menu for allergies, which is great if you prefer your meal gluten free. Plus you get a proper wooden spoon to eat with, as you should with a paella! Torrent d'en Vidalet 26 and Borders 35.

Can Solé - This restaurant is more than 100 years old, and they make excellent paellas, rices and fideuas. It's very charming and the food is of great quality. A must visit. San Carles 4.

Paella at Pez Vela, Barcelona

Paella at Pez Vela, Barcelona

Pez Vela - It might be touristy considering the location on the Barceloneta beach, but the food is tasty. I love the rices here. Catch a table on the terrace if you can, and enjoy the views of the beach and the sea. Paseo del Mare Nostrum 19/21.

Abrassame - Up on the top floor of the Las Arenas shopping center you can find this restaurant that uses fresh ingredients and a good grill to make their dishes. Their paella is excellent. Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 373. 

Terraza Martinez - The views are absolutely beautiful from this restaurant up on the Montjuïc hill, and the food is excellent. Ctra. de Miramar 38.

Can Majó - A family owned business with many years of experience in the Barceloneta. They have a great terrace. Almirall Aixada 23. 

Camping Mar - The En Compañia de Lobos group has opened this surprising, very casual, and somewhat secret location by the sea. The rice dishes are recommended. Passeig de Joan de Borbó 103 (Barceloneta).

Elche - This restaurant opened already in 1959, so they have plenty of experience, and put a lot of effort into making authentic rice dishes. Vila i Vilà 71. 

Xiringuito Escriba - This is a local's favourite, right by the beach. The seafood here is also recommendable. Avinguda del Litoral 62.

La Barraca - A more modern take on a paella restaurant, with beautiful views over the sea. Passeig Maritim Barceloneta 1. 

La Mar Salada - It is not always easy to find good restaurants in this part of the city, but this place nails it with their good, fresh. ingredients. Joan de Borbó 58-59. 

7 Portes - This restaurant is quite a classic in Barcelona and is rather popular with tourists, but it is worth a visit. Pg Isabel II 14.

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