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Healthy, organic, vegetarian and vegan restaurants and bars with locally sourced ingredients keep on popping up in Barcelona. Isn’t it great? If you are looking for a good breakfast to keep you going, a light lunch, an afternoon snack or a dinner that’s not too heavy, I’ve got it all here!

Little Fern, Barcelona

Little Fern, Barcelona

Little Fern Café - This fairly recently opened café with a fresh breath from New Zealand has anything a vegetarian and vegan would love: bircher bowls, wellness lattes, kimchi pancakes... Read the full post here. 

Carrer de Pere IV 168 (Poblenou)

Les Filles Barcelona

Les Filles Cafe - This beautiful and spacious new restaurant has not only one but two leafy, cooling terraces and healthy, organic food. You can come here for just a great coffee too, if you’re not hungry.

Carrer de Minerva 8 (Gracia)

Honest Greens, Barcelona

Honest Greens, Barcelona

Honest Greens - This cool new restaurant serves locally sourced and healthy dishes with clearly indicated options for those who are looking for paleo, gluten free, vegan or vegetarian dishes. Carnivores won’t be disappointed either: the beef is grass-fed! Read more about Honest Greens here.

Rambla Catalunya 3 (Eixample)

Itacate, Barcelona

Itacate, Barcelona

Itacate - This place has a great atmosphere, and a really long menu filled with many healthy options. And they brew their own kombucha! Read my post here

Carrer del Comte Borrell 107 (Sant Antoni)

Bohl Barcelona

Bohl Barcelona

Bohl - Oh what a charmer! And healthy indeed. 4 (!) different kinds of porridges (just finding one in Barcelona isn’t easy), tasty bowls, wellness lattes, and many vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Plus they have six different milks to choose from for your lattes. Read all about this wonder here.

C/Trafalgar 47 (Eixample)

Oma Bistró - In addition to being extremely cosy, they offer good healthy options on their brunch and lunch menu (there are some indulgent items too :). Read more about Oma here.

C/ Consell de Cent 227 (Eixample)

The Hip Fish - They take healthy seriously, with delicious poke bowls and sushi burritos, with fresh local ingredients. They have two locations, a small cosy one in Gracia and a fresh new one in Eixample, that is a bit bigger and has more options. 

C/ Casp 70 (Eixample)

C/ Providencia 1 (Gracia)

Smoothie Bowl at Eat My Trip

Smoothie Bowl at Eat My Trip

Eat My Trip - A very cute café with so many amazing, elaborate options, all with a fun twist! And some beautiful, indulgent cakes..!

Consell de Cent 378 (Eixample)

Pandan - These guys prove that healthy never has to be boring! Choose between many different flavours for your rice paper rolls, and tasty sides and sauces. If you wish for something indulgent check out their desserts..! Read more here.

Travessera de Gracia 8 (Sarriá-Sant Gervasi)

Almalibre Açai Bar Barcelona

Almalibre Açai Bar - A big, beautiful space that offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, and good quality açai. They buy their own açai and they don't dilute it with anything (banana, veggie milks etc.) which is often the case. You can choose between four different sizes and oh so many toppings! Make sure you check out their vegan burgers, they have three different ones to choose from!

C/ Girona 118 (Eixample)

Rasoterra - This vegetarian restaurant focuses on locally sourced ingredients, and their wine list is great with lots of organic, biodynamic wines. It's the perfect place for an unhurried lunch or dinner (do book in advance just in case).

Carrer del Palau 5 (Gotico)

Açai Bowl at Enkel, Barcelona

Açai Bowl at Enkel, Barcelona

Enkel - A healthy brunch is not always easy to find, but Enkel has excellent and elaborated healthy options on their Mediterranean and Latin America-inspired menu. It's great for dinner too. It's not all healthy though, so if your mind wanders then be careful here..! Read more here.

Baixada de Sant Miguel 6 (Gotico)

Satan's Coffee Corner - In addition to being one of the go-to places for specialty coffee in Barcelona, here you can also have a healthy breakfast (chia pudding with dried cherries for or a Japanese breakfast) or lunch (salad or soup). They have other not-so healthy options too on their short but sweet menu, so be careful if you don't feel strong in your convictions..!

L'Arc de Sant Ramón del Call 11 (Gotico)

Maai - Elaborated and innovative healthy food with local ingredients in a humble and welcoming environment. They are open 8-16.00 Monday to Friday so go there for breakfast or lunch. Read more about Maai here.

Regàs 30 (Putxet)

La Soperi Barcelona

La Soperi - Organic ingredients are in focus at this very beautiful restaurant that has a good lunch deal, a la carte at night and 100% organic cocktails! 

Carrer del Roselló 197 (Eixample)

The Green Spot - This restaurant is absolutely beautiful, and it makes you want to stay for hours. The menu is really good: you will have trouble deciding between so many fascinating alternatives. Vegan and vegetarian fare rules here, but your meat-loving friend will not even notice..! Read my post here

Carrer de la Reina Christina 12 (Born)

Ferment 9 - This is technically a shop, but they make amazing things here: kombucha, kefir (including water kefir), kimchi... Go here and lose yourself among all the healthy, fermented delicacies.   

Sepulveda 135 (Sant Antoni)

Sopa - With two locations in Eixample and Poble Nou this restaurant charms with its vegan and vegetarian comfort food. Read post here. 

Roc Boronat 114 (Poblenou)

Provenza 330 (Eixample)

Petit Brot - Here the focus is on raw food, both for eating there or to take away. Read my review here. 

C/ del Doctor Dou 10 (Raval)

A Tu Bola Barcelona

A Tu Bola Barcelona

A Tu Bola - Delicious little balls, both meaty and vegan/vegetarian, are served in this tiny place in the Raval. They are to die for! Read more here. 

C/ Hospital 78 (Raval)

Green & Berry - Good for a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack. Great gluten-free cakes and raw balls. If you are in a hurry you can buy items to go, the juices for example are really good! More info here.

Enric Granados 153 (Eixample)

Açai Bowl with peanut butter at Frenesi Cafe, Barcelona

Açai Bowl with peanut butter at Frenesi Cafe, Barcelona

Frenesí Café - I adore this little place, such an inviting café to sit and linger for a while. Their açai bowl is wonderful. Read all about it here.  

Comte d'Urgell 115 (Eixample)

Väcka - Vegan and innovative. The raw burger is great, but their vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free waffle with rawtella is out of this world. Read blog post here.

Calle Seneca 4 (Gracia)

Quinoa – A tiny little old school vegetarian place in Gracia, with good food and lots of options.

Travessera de Gràcia 203 (Gracia)

Green & Berry Barcelona

Green & Berry Barcelona

Green shots – Looking for wheatgrass shots? Here you can find them, fresh from the press! Plus healthy lunches, also take-away. 

Carrer de París 201 (Eixample)

Fit Kitchen - These guys are true professionals when it comes to nutrition, you can be sure to leave this place full and satisfied after having a good healthy meal. They also do meal plans. Read my post here.  

Carrer de Londres 91 (Eixample)

Avocado Toast at Romantics Barcelona

Avocado Toast at Romantics Barcelona

Milfulles Brunch - This cafe on Passeig de Sant Joan offers organic coffee, smoothies, juices and savory and sweet items, and the prices are fair.  

Passeig de Sant Joan 103 (Eixample)

The Juice House - everything on their menu is healthy, I love this place. Check out the beautiful mural in the back. Read more here.

Carrer del Parlament 12 (Sant Antoni)

Vegan Bowls - A tiny little shop with a couple of small tables, and a menu filled with really good and fun vegan options. Read my post here for all the info. 

Tallers 79 (Raval)

Hammock Juice Station - Their cold-pressed juices, smoothies, bowls and healthy cakes are really something! And you can enjoy them sitting in a comfortable hammock, can you imagine anything better? 

Mallorca 308 (Eixample)

Flexbowls - Another fairly new restaurant is Flexbowls that offers flexitarian fare. They have plenty of good bowls to choose from, in addition to juices and smoothies. 

Diputacion 289 (Eixample)

All You Eat is Love, Barcelona

All You Eat is Love, Barcelona

All You Eat is Love - A very good lunch deal can be had at this healthy place. I love their Japanese flavoured bowl!

C/ Marina 52 (Fort Pienc)

Porridge at Lulu, Barcelona

Porridge at Lulu, Barcelona

Lulu - This tiny little place fills up with cocktail lovers at night, but for breakfast and lunch they have wonderful, pretty and healthy options. 

Av de Marquès de l'Argentera 7 (Born)

Flax & Kale - An obvious choice if you want good, healthy (flexitarian) food. They have a beautiful rooftop terrace, and do check out their bathrooms, they are beautiful! They have several locations in the city: Flax & Kale a Porter in a flagship H&M store, Flax & Kale Passage, Teresa Carles, and Teresa's. Read more here. 

C/ Tallers 74B (Raval)

Tomillo - Here you can create your own bowl by choosing between all the fresh ingredients they have available. 

C/ Fluviá 58 (Poblenou)

Green Kiss - Healthy food: smoothies, açai bowls, salads and a pretty terrace.  

C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret 214 (Eixample)

Turmeric Latte at Federal Cafe, Barcelona

Turmeric Latte at Federal Cafe, Barcelona

Federal Café - They have two locations, both with healthy options like avocado toasts and chia puddings. The one in Gotico is great for getting some work done.

Parlament 39 (Sant Antoni)

Passatge de la Pau 11 (Gotico)

Places I haven’t been to but are on my list:

Avocado - Haven't been here myself yet, but this restaurant looks absolutely delicious! Street food with vegan and vegetarian options.

Parallel 44 (Sant Antoni)

Sana Vida - Bowls, burritos, sandwiches and salads that can be customised.

C/ Roger de Lluria 31 (Eixample)

Idíl·lic - Beautiful brunches, lunches and snacks!

C/ Muntaner 32 (Eixample)

Green Vita - Healthy and organic, gluten free options. Vegan, vegetarian, carnivore and pescatarian items on the menu.

Located in Diagonal Mar.

Odacova - Real food and specialty coffee. Looks great! Odacova is avocado backwards..!

Aragó 238 (Eixample)

Macrobiotic Zen - This place has been around since 1974!

C/ Muntaner 12 (Eixample)

Arc Iris - The first vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona, opened 1981.

Roger de Flor 216 (Eixample)

Copasetic - Gluten free restaurant with beautiful options on the menu, including brunch.

Diputació 55 (Eixample)

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