The 17 Best Vermouth Bars in Gracia


Are you wondering where to go for great vermouth? Gracia, obviously. I doubt that there is a neighborhood in Barcelona that has more bars per square meter serving vermouth. And even better: you have both the genuinely authentic, old-school kind of bars AND the new and hip establishments that have helped to revive the wonderful tradition of “fer el vermut”: having a vermouth and a bit of a snack before lunch. Now most people have this excellent wine and herb-based drink all afternoon, and if it’s home-made with a secret recipe, even better.

So grab your friends and go vermouth-hopping: here is a list of great bars to have a vermouth or many on the weekend, or any day of the week really!

Vermouth Bars in Gracia Barcelona

La Vermu - The name says it all. Go here with your friends and drink away an afternoon. Make sure you try their home-made vermouth. Go early if you want to find a seat! Carrer de Sant Domènec 15.

Bar Bodega Quimet, Barcelona

Bar Bodega Quimet, Barcelona

Bar Bodega Quimet - This bar was thoroughly renovated a few years ago, but they managed to maintain every inch of charm this place has infused in its walls. In addition to the vermouth, make sure you try the food, such as the octopus which is absolutely delicious, or the “conservas" (canned fish and seafood) they specialize in. Read my review on Bodega Quimet here. Carrer de Vic 23.

Gula Bar - On weekends this hip gastro bar opens for vermouth and snacks. Read more about Gula Bar here. Carrer del Dr. Rizal 20.

Lo Pinyol - This Gracia favorite has gone through a renovation recently, and it still remains a great place for good vermouth and quality snacks and dishes. Carrer de Torrent de l’Olla 7.

Bodega Cal Pep, Barcelona

Bodega Cal Pep, Barcelona

Bodega Cal Pep - Not much has changed here in the last, let’s say 50 years or so, but that is part of the charm. The vermouth is terrific, but if you feel like having a glass of wine, you can get that too, straight from the barrel. Make sure you don’t confuse this bar with the restaurant in the Born that carries the same name. Read more about Cal Pep here. Carrer de Verdi 141.

La Vermuteria del Tano - Many claim this is the best bar for vermouth in the whole of Barcelona. Both young and old gather here for anchovies, boquerones, gildas and, obviously, vermouth. Carrer de Joan Blanques 17.

Vermouth and olives at La Rovira, Barcelona

Vermouth and olives at La Rovira, Barcelona

La Rovira - This bar famed for its great selection of craft beer also has delicious vermouth. It is actually one of my favorites, it has a slight gingerbread taste to it. They have recently undergone a renovation and added more space, and it looks better than ever. Carrer de Rabassa 23.

Bar Canigó - Is there EVER a time when this bar (from 1922!) isn’t packed with people? In addition to vermouth, they serve food, beer, and cocktails. Carrer de Verdi 2.

Bar Pietro - Another bar that is absolutely packed to the brim with tasty customers that spill out on the street. It’s so popular that you can even buy your own shirt with the bar logo. Travessera de Gracia 197.

Vermuteria Lou - A very charming bar by Joanic metro station that serves excellent food in a humble environment. Their huevos estrellados have received the prize for the best tapa in Barcelona, so pair that up with your vermouth and your good to go. Carrer de l’Escorial 3.

Vermouth at Puigmarti Bar Vermuteria, Barcelona

Vermouth at Puigmarti Bar Vermuteria, Barcelona

Puigmarti Bar Vermuteria - The food here is great, and you will not be disappointed with their vermouth either. Their smoked sardines with sesame seeds are fantastic. Carrer de Puigmartí 12.

El Bandarra - Many are drawn to the terrace at this bar, but you will be surprised with the quality of the food here, should you get hungry when you are sipping your vermouth. Carrer de Torrijos 53.

Bar Bodega Costa Brava - I want to keep this bar a secret, it’s that good. So don’t tell anyone, ok? But if you go, make sure to order the vermouth, and enjoy the old-school feeling of this bar that still uses the old fridges with wooden doors. Carrer de l’Alzina 58.

14 de la Rosa - This charming neighborhood bar has a classy feel to it, and they will undoubtedly serve you a lovely glass of vermouth if you ask nicely. Do pair it with a little something from their short but oh-so-sweet snack menu. Carrer de Martínez de la Rosa 14.

El Villa Vermuteria Barcelona

El Villa - If you’re looking for an exceptionally cool place for your vermouth then this is it! This beautiful and modern bar makes good food and specializes in vermouth. Carrer de Martínez de la Rosa 27.

Las Vermudas - SO MANY types of vermouth to choose from here, it’s amazing! The atmosphere here is fun, and you’ll easily continue your hora del vermut until late at night. They organize live concerts, cocktail classes and much more in this cozy and fun place. Carrer del Robí 32.

Bodega Marin - Did you really think I’d make a list of vermouth bars and NOT mention Bodega Marin? Not happening. Bring an empty bottle and fill it up here with wine as some do, or stay for vermouth and a snack. This place is so darn charming. Carrer de Milà I Fontanals 72.