Best Christmas Present Shopping in Barcelona: 28 Alternative Ideas

Grey Street Barcelona

Grey Street Barcelona

Looking for Christmas presents? Does the thought of the queues at FNAC and El Corte Ingles make you break into a cold sweat? Here is my list of alternative ideas for finding unique presents that won't break the bank. Many of them are great for foodies too!

Caj Chai

For your tea-loving friend Caj Chai is a temple. They are experts on teas, and they also sell absolutely stunning ceramic tea accessories. Don't stop by without trying one of their teas!

C/ Sant Domenech del Call 12


Are you a fan of vintage items? Then this place is perfect for you. Here you will find beautiful unique items (some of them also new but of excellent quality) to buy for Christmas for your vintage-loving friend. 

Aurora 14

Grey Street Barcelona

What an adorable shop! Do you like Etsy? Then this is paradise. In a quiet corner in Raval you find this little corner of heaven. The items on sale are carefully hand-picked to suit the atmosphere of the shop. You'll find beautiful prints, gorgeous kitchenware, organic Australian chocolate, delicate jewelry and fascinating tarot decks. 

Carrer del Peu de la Creu 25

Ferment 9

The guys at Ferment 9 are geniuses when it comes to fermentation. They make amazing things that you can't get anywhere else in the city, and they are constantly working and experimenting on fun new things in their lab upstairs. Go here and select between many different kimchis, water kefirs, kombuchas, junes, labneh, and plenty of non-refrigerated things too. I can guarantee you will surprise even the most knowledgeable of your foodie friends. 

Sepúlveda 135

Family Beer

Is your partner or friend a fan of craft beers? Then head to the Family Beer shop and buy a home-brewing kit. The package is really cute and the instructions are easy to follow, their web page has even a video in case you get lost. The guys at the shop are very helpful. Oh, and they arrange courses too.

Carrer de Joan Blanques 55

Santo Porcello, Barcelona

Santo Porcello, Barcelona

Santo Porcello

In addition to amazing Italian sandwiches, they import the most delicious goods fresh from Italy. Perfect for your food-loving friend.

C/ Sepúlveda 151

Soul Spices

Lovely Anjalina Chugani, a local chef with Indian roots has published a gorgeous book called Soul Spices packed with beautiful, colourful photos and tasty recipes, inspired by spices. You can order the book online here, or maybe book a cooking class with her! Read more about Anjalina in my blog post here. She also launched a new ebook called Festival very recently, make sure you check it out (maybe a nice present for yourself for Christmas?).

Soul Spices by Anjalina Chugani

Soul Spices by Anjalina Chugani


For your cooler than cool friend you can find books and magazines on design and contemporary culture that you won't find anywhere else, and very hip clothing too. While you're there check out the art exhibition and get something to eat too while you're at it. This space is gorgeous. 

Carrer d'Aragó 287

Wer-Haus Barcelona

Wer-Haus Barcelona

Casa Atlántica

On a small side street in Gracia you can find this shop with gorgeous things for your home, inspired by the owners´ origins in Galicia and Portugal. It's impossible to leave this place without buying something.

Llibertat 7, bajos 2ª


This concept store is just next door to the Fábrica Moritz restaurant, and it's very much worth checking out for Christmas presents. There are lots of really interesting items like fascinating books, gorgeous pottery, quirky items for decoration... A perfect place to find something for those friends who have everything. 

Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39

Toc Toc

If you live in Manresa you can visit their shop, but if you don't that's ok: you can order their beautiful decorative items online. They have plenty of absolutely adorable items for the home (and for yourself).

Vos Shop

I love this shop for clothes and accessories on C/ Verdi. They always have fun beautiful things to wear, cool backpacks and lovely shoes. Overall Verdi is a great place to shop nowadays, with wonderful small shops with handmade jewellery, clothes shops and more.  

Verdi 24

Entropia Barcelona

Entropia Barcelona


A shop full of goodies for those who love wonderful notebooks, washi tapes, papers... It's a place to fall in love with, so cute. You can order online too if that's your thing. 

Aribau 127


This place is perhaps a tad expensive, but it's a great place to find some very unique vintage items to give away. It's mostly furniture but you can also find beautiful lamps, kitchenware and pillows.

Passatge Mercantil 1

Can Luc

A great option for finding presents for a foodie friend. This is mainly a shop for cheeses, but there is plenty of other interesting food-related items. You won’t leave this place empty-handed. Read my post about Can Luc here.

Carrer de Berga 4


This market that takes place 15-16.12 and is a perfect opportunity to buying all things hand-made + independent design. You can also buy online now!  

Museu Marítim de Barcelona

Espai Joliu Barcelona

Espai Joliu Barcelona


In the Raval and in Gótico you can find these little concept stores filled with unique limited edition items of clothing, accessories and art made by (mostly) local upcoming designers. Well worth a visit when shopping for Christmas presents.

Pintor Fortuny 30 and Bòria 23

Doméstico Shop

If you have a friend who is into Nordic Design then check out Domestico Shop, that in addition to furniture have plenty of beautiful smaller items that will not break your bank. And they carry Aesop products too, plenty of them! They have a café there also if you feel like having breakfast before shopping.

Diagonal 419

Espai Joliu

You know how much I love this café in Poble Nou, but don't forget that it is also an excellent place to find a different kind of Christmas gift! Why not a beautiful plant, a cool magazine, prints or hand-made jewellery by a local artisan? 

Badajoz 95

May 28th

This shop is open on Thursdays and by appointment, and they have an online shop, but I really recommend you visit their studio on C/ Verdi. The perfect place to find a gift for your cool friend. They have beautiful watches, accessories and all sorts of beautiful gifts, made in Barcelona.

C/ Verdi 8


Have a friend or a family member who adores cats? Gatuari is a non-profit organisation and a cat café (where you can adopt a cat!), and they have a little shop with plenty of cat-related items. By buying something here you will do something good, too! 

C/ Sant Lluis 14

La Moderna Singular

They carry beautiful vintage objects, a shop to stay in for ages.

Comte Borrell 99

Libreria Freetime

You probably know by now how much I adore this shop packed with magazines you can’t get anywhere else in the city. I would love to get a set of magazines from this shop.

C/ Comte d’Urgell 32

The Livingfood

A vegan organic shop in Sant Antoni where you will find delicious things for your vegan friend. Particularly recommended is the vegan cheese, but they also have other interesting things, including beauty products.

Viladomat 85

I have also received suggestions from my readers:

La Cava Cakery - A cute new place that make their own beautiful cupcakes that are perfect to give away as a present. They also have cava and specialty coffee. Psg. Sant Joan 111.

Florentine Kitchen Knives - Stylish knives at this shop on Notariat 7.

Libreria On the Road - A fun, different bookshop, also plenty of books from Latin America. 

Lea Joyas - Absolutely gorgeous jewelry from a shop in Gracia. Ramon y Cajal 126. 

To Be Concept Design Store - Plenty of gift ideas at this concept store in the Raval. Joaquin Costa 9. 

Here is also a link to my Gracia neighbourhood guide that includes shopping in Gracia.