Best Meat and Steak Restaurants in Barcelona - UPDATED

Any carnivores out there? Here is a list of a few of my favourite restaurants for a good steak and tasty meat in Barcelona. Let me know if there is a restaurant you would like to add to the list!

Mixed meats (graellada) at Pirineu en Boca, Barcelona

Mixed meats (graellada) at Pirineu en Boca, Barcelona

Pirineu en Boca - This restaurant specialises in grass-fed meat from the Pyrenees, and it’s pretty amazing..! The meat comes from small producers that work towards sustainability. They also have a butcher shop where you can buy organic meat to take home with you, or even choose a specific cut and have it prepared for you in the kitchen. Read my review of Pirineu en Boca here. Carrer de Girona 17 (Eixample).

The Ranch Smokehouse - It might look like a chain restaurant at first glance, but this family-owned restaurant is on a mission to become the best BBQ in Europe. They smoke everything in-house, and prepare everything else from scratch, too. All the recipes and techniques have been prepared by a guy from California who has been competing in BBQ for 11 (!) years. The meat is organic and the prices are very accessible. Read my review of The Ranch Smokehouse here. Ronda Universitat 20 (Plaça Catalunya).

9 Reinas - This Argentinian restaurant is a classic in Barcelona, and does not disappoint when you are looking for a good steak. It's a bit on the expensive side. Carrer de València 267. (Eixample).

La Carassa - Here the specialty is meat fondues. This means you'll get a plate full of different kinds of raw meat that you'll dip into hot oil. In addition to this you have 7 different sauces to enjoy your meat with. The place is really cute, it reminds me of a ski lodge. Carrer de Brosolí 1 (Born).

Lomo Alto - Go to this steakhouse for premium meats that have been aged on location. Excellent steaks are guaranteed here. Downstairs there is a more casual restaurant that serves fun dishes like a steak tartar roll and a supreme meat burger. Carrer d’Aragó 283-285 (Eixample).

Beef rib at Fat Barbies, Barcelona

Beef rib at Fat Barbies, Barcelona

Fat Barbies - In this amazingly cool lodge-cabin chic BBQ restaurant they use wood (olive wood mainly) and smoke to prepare their dishes. The meat is organic, and everything is made from scratch, including the pickles, the barbecue sauces and even the marshmallows. Don’t miss the beef ribs, the chicken wings, the pork ribs St Luis style or the Mac and Swiss. Read my review on Fat Barbies here. Carrer de Bailèn 83 (Eixample).

1881 per Sagardi - This restaurant has plenty of history and uses premium quality meats for amazing grilled T-bone steaks. It is located inside the History Museum of Catalunya. Plaça de Pau Vila 3 (Born).

Bardeni - This excellent meat bar is one of the best places in Barcelona for excellent meat dishes. They don’t take reservations. Carrer València 452-454 (Eixample).

Can Xurrades - This restaurant used to be in Gracia and we frequented it quite often, but they moved some time ago and I need to visit their new location asap. They serve different kinds of grilled meats but they specialise in a kind of local exquisite beef that you find only in a handful of restaurants in Spain. They also serve steak tartar if that's your thing. Their dessert menu is endless. It's a great place to go with your family and just sit and eat for hours. Carrer de Casanova 212 (Eixample).

Carlota Akaneya - This restaurant serves a Japanese barbecue and for the meat nerds out there: they serve Kobe A5 prime meat which is very difficult to come across in Barcelona and Spain. Carrer del Pintor Fortuny 32 (Raval).

Casa Paloma - Beautiful interior and prime meats. They know what they do, and you have a lot of different meat options here, including Angus and Wagyu. Carrer de Casanova 209 (Sarria-Sant Gervasi).

Can Valles - Very local and very authentic, with a good meat options too. Book well ahead, as it's very popular. Carrer d’Aragó 95 (Eixample).

This list does not cover all steak restaurants in the city, not even close, but they are places that I would go to when I'm feeling carnivorous. 

Solomillo con foie at Casa Mari y Rufo Barcelona

Solomillo con foie at Casa Mari y Rufo Barcelona

I'm also a huge fan of a dish called solomillo con foie. It's beef sirloin with foie gras on top, and when done right it's magnificent. My favourite places for this are:

Vaso de Oro - this little tapas restaurant in Barceloneta is always packed so you might have to eat standing up, but it's worth it. Their solomillo con foie has some onion in it too, and it melts in your mouth. Read more on Vaso de Oro here.  Carrer de Balboa 6.

Bar Mut - A place with so much atmosphere and a fantastic solomillo con foie. Carrer de Pau Claris 192.

Casa Mari y Rufo - Here they bring out the solomillo to your table and blowtorch the foie there. Amazing. More on Casa Mari y Rufo here. Carrer de Freixures 11.