Best Burgers in Barcelona


One of the most sought after lists on the Barcelona Food Experience website is best burgers. Here are some of my favorites, and some of my reader’s favorites are listed below. Let me know if I missed a place!

Patty Melt at Chivuos, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Patty Melt at Chivuos, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.


Chivuo’s - We have to start this list with a classic. Chivuo’s has been around now for a few years, and they have created a name for themselves with their top-notch burgers and their “slow street food.” The pulled pork burger is a great option: the pork has been slowly roasted for 16 hours, and the house BBQ sauce is legendary. Keep an eye out for the seasonal Patty Melt that is one of the best sandwiches I have EVER had. They have craft beers on tap. Read my review of Chivuo’s here. Carrer del Pintor Fortuny 15 (Raval), Carrer de València 204 (Eixample) and Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla 175 (Gracia).

Burger at Caravelle, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Burger at Caravelle, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Caravelle - Their burger is AMAZING. The bun, the meat, the sauce, all of the ingredients, everything. Love this burger. Pair it with one of their craft beers, or their refreshing home-made sodas. Read my review on Caravelle here. Carrer Pintor Fortuny 31, Barcelona (Raval).

Big Al’s - One of my absolute favorites. There is something about those curly fries that is simply irresistible. And the burgers are big and packed with flavor, topped with a perfect brioche bun. My weakness is the Fat Elvis: peanut butter, banana, bacon, and a meat patty. If you are a really, really big burger fan make sure to order the Widowmaker (good luck with finishing it). They have craft beers on tap and a few American soda options such as Dr. Pepper. Read my review of Big Al’s here. Carrer de Córsega 178 (Eixample). The OG Big Al’s is located in Sitges.

De Paula - Sorry De Paula lovers, I know you want to keep this place a secret… But its is one of the best burger places in the city, so I’ve gotta share it! This Poble Sec gem is the favorite of many. One of the most popular burgers is the Copacabana: picanha meat, bread made with dark beer, and smoked mozzarella. Their bravas are also worth a try: they are made on the same grill as the burgers (not deep-fried). Carrer Creu dels Molers, 65 (Poble Sec).

Coure - This high-end restaurant has a more informal bar with a very famous burger. It has all the standard ingredients, but the final result it’s close to perfection. Make sure to book in advance (and mention you’ll want a seat at the bar). Passatge Marimón 20 (Sarria-Sant Gervasi).

Fried Chicken at Bar Centro, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Fried Chicken at Bar Centro, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Bar Centro - Here, they make the kind of burgers that you’ve seen and drooled over on Instagram. Ask for the weekly specials, there are quite innovative! Only organic meat is used for their burgers. The pulled pork burger is a classic here, and their sweet potato bravas are worth adding to the order. Here they also know their craft beers, and you will find a range of rotating taps to choose from (ask for guidance from the knowledgeable staff). Read my review of Bar Centro here. Carrer del Casp 55 (Eixample).

Timesburg, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Timesburg, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Timesburg - Choose your burger and drinks first, and then take a seat. My favorite burger here is without a doubt the one topped with foie gras. Their fries are excellent, one of my favorites. They have a Timesburg Gold location with premium options on the menu. Read my review of Timesburg here. You can find all the Timesburg locations here.

La Royale, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

La Royale, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

La Royale - Gourmet burgers are the theme here, by famed chef Paco Perez. The meat is hand-cut, and the patties grilled on the Josper. You can pair your tasty burger with a gin tonic, or any other cocktail you fancy. The place is cozy, and they have a terrace. You can opt for a gluten-free bun if you wish. Plaça del Camp 5 (Sarria-Sant Gervasi).

Barrachina - This tiny burger place is run by one of the oldest butchers in the Boqueria market, isn’t that something? But this also means that their opening hours follow the ones at the market, so no late dinners here, unfortunately. All the ingredients are fresh from the market, and the meat is made in a Josper grill to give it a very unique flavor. They have seven different ones to choose from. Plaça de Sant Josep, 8 (La Boqueria).

Rare Burgers & More - Try the famed Beyond Burger, made with 100% plant-based beyond meat. The burger menu is short and sweet, but you can’t go wrong here, really. The fries are excellent, and the speculoos dessert is to die for. Carrer del Casp 55 (Eixample).

La Porca - Poble Sec hides a few well-kept secrets, and La Porca has made a name for itself with their excellent sandwiches and burgers. One of the top sellers is the recently added Triple Porca that began as a seasonal sandwich but has turned into a fixed item on the menu: locally sourced pork, smoked bacon jam, bacon, raclette, and a secret sauce. Make sure to try their Bravas, they are very unique with slow-cooked tomato, a touch of chipotle, and with roasted pork on top. There are also a few specialties from Murcia to look out for. Read my review of La Porca here. Carrer de Mata 16 (Poble Sec).

BRO Barcelona - I’m a fan of this charming burger place in the Barceloneta, with their interesting options for toppings, and their tasty fries with a touch of rosemary. They have another spot in the Eixample. Carrer del Baluard 34 (Born) and Carrer de Còrsega 562 (Eixample).

Bar Torpedo - This fairly recent addition to the bar scene has surprised many a burger lover. The place is tiny (and cool), and the menu short, but the burger makes it all worth it. There is only one burger on the menu, but it’s all you need really. The meat used is excellent and the brioche bun just perfect. The owner is Rafa Peña from famed Gresca restaurant. Carrer Aribau 143 (Eixample).

Acero Street Flavours - This tiny, TINY place in the Born has an insane dish called Patatas Marranas that has a little bit of everything on top, and you can’t go wrong when choosing from the burger menu. C/ Espaseria 10 (Born).

La Real, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

La Real, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

La Real - It’s impossible not to be charmed by La Real. They have immensely tasty options on their menu: if you’re a cheese lover, make sure to opt for the Raclette that comes with a huge, melted slice of raclette cheese. I loved the parmesan fries. Recently an interesting looking chili con carne version was incorporated on the menu. They have opened a second location in Poblenou (C Dr Trueta 218). Carrer Valencia 285 (Eixample).

Santa Burg - A classic from the moment it opened, and one of my absolute favorites. I have a massive weakness for the foie with apple. They have two locations, one in Sants (more of a bar) and another one in Eixample (restaurant). Read my review of Santa Burg here. Carrer Valencia 273 (Eixample) and Carrer Vallespir 51 (Sants).

Foc i Oli - The Chivito is legendary: it’s not a traditional burger patty, instead they use thinly cut beef for this one. The sauces make these burgers very special. The place is tiny, but they are opening a second location in October. Carrer Aribau 91 (Eixample) and Carrer Paris 177 (October onwards).

Anauco Burgers - They are present in Madrid and Barcelona, and their Big Burger Challenge has become somewhat of a legend. They’re also great for delivery. Carrer Valencia 428 (Eixample).

Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

El Filete Ruso - Organic meats and good quality ingredients on Enrique Granados. Straightforward and excellent. Carrer d'Enric Granados 95 (Eixample).

Gringa - This hip hangout is famed for their Taco Tuesday and their brunch, but the burgers are one of a kind too. The Fried Chicken Burger is a wonderful option. Carrer de la Lleialtat 16 (Raval).

Bunsen - An Irish burger chain that opened not long ago, where the beef is Irish (they grind it in the restaurant on a daily basis). They have three types of fries (shoestring, sweet potato, and hand-cut). The concept is straightforward: you choose if you want to have a standard or a cheeseburger, one or two patties, and the toppings of your choice. Carrer de Ferran 46 (Gótico).

Lomo Bajo - This restaurant specialized in excellent quality meat divides into two: Lomo Alto which is a high-end restaurant and Lomo Bajo downstairs that offers dishes made with quality meats and ingredients for a more accessible price. You’ll be sure the burger is top-notch. Also, the steak tartar roll is very much worth trying. Carrer d’Aragó 283-285 (Eixample).

La Burg - Pioneers in the field of the gourmet burgers, La Burg has been around since 2008. They’re located in Sarria, and the quality is excellent. Make sure you try their excellent bravas. Passeig de Sant Joan Bosco, 55 (Sarria-Sant Gervasi).

Väcka - Easily my favorite vegan burger. The sauce is magical. Read my review of Väcka here. Carrer de Sèneca, 4 (Gracia).

Pim Pam Burger - If you’re vegetarian, you’ll like the veggie burger that is very firm and juicy, made with eggplant, zucchini, tofu, and feta cheese. However, in my personal opinion, this place is not what it used to be. Calle Sabateret 4 (Born) Calle Bigai 1 (Bonanova).

Veggie Burger at La Real, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.

Veggie Burger at La Real, Barcelona. Photo © Barcelona Food Experience.


I asked my readers which ones are their favorites, and in addition to several of the restaurants above, they also mentioned these:

Deja Burg - Go for the Piquillo with an Idiazabal cheese, and their excellent fries. There is a lunch menu option, and there are have gluten-free buns available. Carrer de Còrsega, 216 (Eixample).

Bacoa - A burger joint that has almost 10 years of experience, and has several spots in the city. The Cabrales burger is pretty impressive, with Cabrales blue cheese and caramelized onion. Here you can find a list of all of the Bacoa locations.

Oval - This burger restaurant has been around for a while and remains a classic. Choose your bun, your patty, and the toppings. They have good suggestions on the menu too if you find choosing too tricky. Carrer Valencia 199 (Eixample).

Goiko Grill - This is a chain of burger restaurants, but many of my readers claim it’s their favorite. I’ve tried their Kevin Bacon and liked it. Find all the Goiko Grill locations here.

Five Guys - To be honest, I haven’t visited the Five Guys here in Barcelona, but when I asked my readers to vote it ended up in the top of the list. Find the Five Guys locations here.

Harry’s Burning - An interesting bun choice makes these burgers very rustic, and you can pair your burgers with craft beers should you wish to. Avinguda Diagonal, 353 (Eixample).

Otto’s House - American style burger joint with a friendly staff. Carrer d'Aribau, 77 (Eixample).

El Kiosko - With several locations around the city, this burger place has been quite successful since its beginnings. Carrer Josep Tarradellas, 153 (Les Corts).

Salt Restaurant & Beach Club - In the W Hotel they make burgers that have charmed many a burger lover. Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19, 21 (Barceloneta).

La Central - Many chose La Central as their favorite burger bar, and while I haven’t tried the burgers myself, they look delicious. Vía Laietana 45 (Gotico) and Passeig del Born 29 (Born).

Tio Joe - Great for delivery, although the restaurant is cute too. They marinate the beef they use for their burgers for 48 hours. An interesting item on the menu is the wild boar ribs, served as a starter. They have a Thursday rice special worth checking out if you’re not feeling the burgers. Via Augusta, 9 (Sarria-Sant Gervasi).

PS: I’ve heard rumors that Casa Bonay has what might just be the best burger in the city. To be confirmed..!